Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joy to the ...What?

So, all of the family visited for Christmas this year. It was totally chaotic and great at the same time. I caught some funny moments on my camera and wanted to post two of them. The first video is of Kirkland, Jessica's middle child, singing Jingle Bells in this creepy voice that he sometimes just decides to use. If you listen closely, he sings Jingle Bells (totally mushing up the end part), then says "Merry Christmas" "Ho Ho Ho" and then sings Jingle Bells again (that's me egging him on).

After I filmed Kirkland, Carter (Alexis' youngest), then wanted his turn to sing on camera. This one is hilarious. He is so serious. If you listen, you can hear that he actually changes songs in the middle. To what, you say? Just listen closely...

Aren't they great? Can you tell that Carter has been to Disneyland at Christmastime? Nothing like out of the mouth of babes...or 3-year-olds. You have to give props to Disney for great marketing!