Saturday, May 24, 2008

True Passion

So, I had a funny day at work yestereday where my ultimate passion was exposed. I was able to go on my first "exploratory meeting" with a company that might be considering a sponsorship. I was kind of the silent observer as the Senior Business Director spoke with the President of this company. My silence was broken, thought, when he mentioned that he has been interested in donating to the One Laptop per Child program. My SBD had never heard of the program, but I definitely perked up and we started talking about it. He said he had gotten one of the laptops through the program where you could buy one for a child in a lesser developed country and then get one for yourself. I was extremely jealous. Needless to say, my SBD got the discussion back on track, but I spent most of the rest of the meeting trying to figure out if there was some tactful way to get a look at that no avail. Ah, well...

Monday, May 5, 2008


So, I have a good friend who's going through a pretty rough time right now. She sometimes checks this blog, so I wanted to send a little message for when she next logs on. This is for you:

Something to make you chuckle - at least you don't live in a place where cars like this are a common sight!
I think, as shown in this picture, MacGregor (or Jigga) knows how you feel and would love (as I would) to be there with you.
And if I did happen to be there with you, we'd find something really comfortable (like a binkie) and we'd hang out all day doing nothing but relaxing and letting it all hang out! I love you and you know that I'm here whenever you want to talk or anything!


Okay, so I have an amusing story to share. About a year ago, my Dad decided that he really wanted those stick-figure stickers on the back of his car to represent his family. By family, he meant his children, children-in-laws, grandchildren, and dogs. Trust me, we spent many hours trying to convince him that only soccer moms had those on their cars - not grandparents, and certainly not grandfathers. Not only that, I personally tried to convince him that those soccer moms were just providing fodder for extreme mockery. All to no avail. My mom bought them for him for his birthday in August, and by September they were applied to the back window of the car. The problem? six children, five grandchildren, 2 sons-in-law, and 2 (now 1 - sad) dogs. There was much discussion over the logistics of getting all of those on the car and somehow trying to display the families within the families. The result?

What I like to call the "polygamy car." I mean, really? Probably my favorite moment was when I was in bed late one Saturday night (my window was at the front of the house) and heard a car pull up and stop at about 1am. Then I heard this girl's voice yell out, "Two, four, six eight...what the %*##$%? 13 %&*&# kids??? I just started cracking up as all of my arguments became fully justified. He's just so proud of it though! I wish they would just disappear. Anyone want to come by late one night and peel them off? I'll pay you...

Twilight Trailer

Okay you Twilight fans - what do you think of the trailer? Good? Horrible? Right now I have mixed feelings and I think that I will withhold judgment.