Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mean or Lazy?

I can't decide which I am...both of the roomies are moving out tonight and all I can think about is finding some really legitimate excuse for not being here when the hauling begins. I mean, really...there's a ton of stuff and we live on the 3rd floor. One even rented a truck! I think it's more laziness than anything (or legs that want to fall off because all I ever do around here is walk - what's up with that?). I'm a horrible person inside.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Since I'm Still Anonymous

So I feel like I can still write this since no one in my new ward knows me yet and won't see it and get offended...but I felt like I was in the Singles Ward movie last week when I went to my ward for the first time. The speaker told us he was EQ Pres in about 9 creative different ways during his talk while also focusing on his view that dating and marriage has become "sensationalized."
Now, I am sure he is a really nice guy (really...he does seem like a nice guy and I'll probably want to delete this post when I get to know him)....but I just have to think that as you prepare a talk you need to know how you come off? You are trying to be the anti-stereotype by talking about marriage while not being so obsessed with it, while at the same time reinforcing about a kajillion stereotypes of singles ward quirks.
Maybe I was just feeling this way because church meets at 8am. I mean, really? My job didn't even start by 8am!
I have a couple of other snarky things to say but am holding them in so I don't alienate any possible new friends. Thinking of starting a tumblr account (Tricia as my inspiration) and only letting certain people know? This social media thing is getting too complicated.