Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Had to share this great commercial that was banned in South Africa. These are the kinds of things that I watch when I need a study break. :) Back to work!

On a side note, a great Camerounian proverb I just read in an article: 
"Until lions have historians, tales of the hunt will always be told by the hunter."

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Nothing makes fasting easier than finding a dead mouse on your kitchen floor. 

After consultation with J, we decided that this is what home teachers are for, right? I've never asked them for anything, couldn't they just come over after church and take care of one measly little mouse? I just couldn't imagine picking up that soft, squishy little body even if I had the tools to do so. J at this point was still convinced it was fake - possibly planted. I think I may have been a suspect until she realized that I was truly averse to going near it.

 I asked the HT at church if he would come take care of it and he was a little awkward about it "Do you have a box or something to put it in?" was the exact question. My response: "um...I have a trash can." It wasn't getting it out of the apartment that freaked me out, it was the actual touching of the actual dead mouse (and before you judge, I actually am an animal person and don't mind live mice as pets).

Anyway - got a text from J while at church that it was taken care of. Thanks, B! Even though I may have suspected you of planting it for a while, I blame that evil thought on J and now regret that I had those distrustful thoughts.

But all of this begs a different question that we have been contemplating: how does a mouse just drop dead on its side in the middle of the kitchen floor? I mean, doesn't it have to die for a reason? It wasn't even hidden in a cupboard or something. Could that reason, perhaps, have been the fact that we were both tempted to not fast? Did we call death upon this little rodent so we could stay righteous and realize our fast for the day? Was he sacrificed for our good?

All I know is that this must not happen again. Any suggestions on how to stay rodent-free? Preferably without traps and mouse-murder involved?